Why should I choose Einterz & Einterz?

Einterz & Einterz prides itself on the experience of its attorneys.  We strive to provide experienced service to our clients while focusing on achieving the best possible result in a cost-effective manner.

Is suing someone my only option?

Initiating a lawsuit/litigation should always be the last option when a dispute arises.  The first step after engaging an attorney is to reach out to the other party to open or re-open a line of communication to try to resolve the issue.  If that is unsuccessful, the parties may be interested in a pre-litigation mediation session.  If all such efforts are unsuccessful, the attorneys of Einterz & Einterz will guide you through the next steps to resolve the issue through the court system.

How long will my case take?

While each case is different, it is reasonable to expect that litigation (the formal process of filing a complaint/lawsuit with a court) can last from twelve (12) to twenty-four (24) months. (with the exception of Small Claims Court cases for evictions and/or disputes involving less than $8,000).  This period can be shortened or extended based upon the specific facts of each case.  At Einterz & Einterz we strive for the most effective and economic resolution, but it is important to know that filing a lawsuit will not always produce an immediate result.  Please keep watch over the Einterz & Einterz blog for additional entries that will detail the timelines and schedules mandated by Court rules and Indiana statutes.

Will I win my case?

This is a difficult, yet common question received by attorneys.  The first step in any initial discussions with an attorney is to establish what it means to “win” your case.  If you are seeking a specific amount of money/damages, it is advisable to discuss this early on with your attorney.  While the attorneys of Einterz & Einterz seek to provide the best result possible for your case, there is no such thing as a “slam dunk” case, as is commonly referred to.  Litigation is always the last result if informal resolution is unsuccessful.  In litigation we rely upon the decisions of a court/jury, and no attorney can promise/predict the results of these third parties.  When filing litigation, you will always have the ultimate authority of when to accept/reject a settlement offer to determine if it is a “win” for you.

Should I give my attorney all my documents up front?

There might be additional documents that you remember or find after your initial meetings with your attorney, but it is always ideal to prepare and provide all relevant documents, e-mails, texts, and other information to your attorney as early as possible.  This allows for the most meaningful discussions of your case and strategy.